Frequently asked questions

Here you can find details about Sailing Yacht Luna, information about the trips you can book, locations and possibilities.

How big is Sailing Yacht Luna?


  • Length: 14,40 meters (47 feet)
  • Beam: 4,61 meters
  • Draught: 2,4 meters
  • Air draught: 22,5 meters
What if someone becomes seasick?

At sea it will always be possible someone becomes seasick. Often it will disappear after a while for example by actively taking the steering wheel, look at the horizon or have some motion sickness medicines. In case of severe seasickness we may decide to return to harbor earlier. Once in harbor seasickness will be gone immediately.

Can we book in the weekend?

Yes, if our schedule permits you can also charter Sailing Yacht Luna in the weekends.

How much experience do you need to go out on Sailing Yacht Luna?

To go sailing on Sailing Yacht Luna you don’t need any experience. You will always sail with the experienced skipper on board.

How long before the sailing trip do we have to make the booking?

Early booking is definitely important, especially during the summer months. We advice to book at least 3 weeks in advance. Should you be interested to book at shorter notice we will of course try to fit you into our schedule.

Can we also sail to other destinations as the ones mentioned on the website? For example Oostende or Veere?

For day trips we sail from Scheveningen most of the time, but upon your request we may sail from other locations such as IJmuiden or Hellevoetsluis or Zierikzee for a great day at the water on the lakes.

For a multiday sailing trip for example in Zeeland we can be flexible for departure and arrival locations.

In case we have to transfer the yacht to or from another location than Scheveningen without guests we will charge 450 euro per day (excl VAT) transfer costs.

Is there a washing machine on board?

Yes, Sailing Yacht Luna has a Miele washing machine / tumble dryer on board. We can use it whilst in harbor or whilst at anchor.

What engine does the yacht have?

Sailing Yacht Luna has a 110 bhp 4-cilinder turbo Diesel engine on board with 650 liters of diesel in the fuel tanks. It allows the yacht to make long distance passages in good and bad weather. Besides the engine Luna has a 10 bhp bow thruster to assist us with berthing the yacht.

Which sails does Luna have on board?

The yacht is equipped with a comprehensive wardrobe of sails which can be used in several configurations:

  • Mainsail (in-mast furling) 61 m2
  • Genoa with furler 60 m2
  • Jib with furler 33 m2
  • Genaker with top-down furler 160 m2
  • Code-0 with top-down furler 110 m2
How does Luna generate power?

The sailing yacht is equipped with several systems to charge the almost 1000 Ah of batteries:

  • Main engine
  • Generator
  • Solar panels
  • Shore power
Which navigation and communication devices harte on board?

Sailing Yacht Luna is fully equipped with modern navigation and communication equipment such as:

  • Chartplotters inside and outside
  • Radar
  • AIS
  • Navtex
  • VHF radio
  • Satphone
  • WiFi
Is there enough water on board?

Upon departure we will always ensure that the 650 liter watertanks are full to provide cold and hot water on board. In case more water is needed, we can produce freshwater with the 60 ltr/hr watermaker on board.

Which safety equipment is on board Sailing Yacht Luna?

The yacht has a very comprehensive list of safety equipment on board. We are using the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations as a guideline for our safety standard on board. Some important equipment we have are:

  • Automatic life vests for each person on board
  • 6-person offshore liferaft
  • Epirb
  • PLB and AIS-PLB
  • Active dual band radar target enhancer
What do we have to bring?

In Scheveningen you can park your car next to Luna’s berth on a fenced-off parking free of charge.

What kind of shoes can we wear on board?

You best use easy fitting sport shoes or (sailing) boots. High heels and shoes with leather soles can’t be used on board.

When must the booking be paid?

Payment takes part in 2 instalments. We will send you an invoice for this. When you make the booking 50% of the amount will be invoiced. After payment of the 1st invoice your reservation is final. At least 3 days before the booked date the other 50% must be paid.

For a multiday sailing trip the additional expenses such as harbor fees, fuel or provisions will be invoiced separately.

What sort of clothing do we have to bring?

The required type of clothing depends on the season and the actual weather conditions, but generally speaking you can assume that at sea the temperature will be lower than onshore. Even on a beautiful summer day it is recommended to bring warm clothes and/or waterproofs (that may also be a ski jacket for example). And of course sun glasses!

What if the sea / weather conditions are bad?

Safety first! We will do all we can to make your stay on board as comfortable as possible. But we cannot control the elements of nature. If the conditions jeopardise safety we will plan a new date for the trip. The payment will remain reserved. We will try to communicate as early as possible, but sometimes conditions change at very short notice. Solely the skipper decides when it comes to this.